Tuesday, December 30, 2008


 Being a young married couple leaves Jp and I with some interesting situations, and occasionally boredom.  As many of you know we are child-less, except for our dog Henry. Just that statement alone may give you some insight as to what I have to say here.  Our good dog Henry.  I have many family members concerned that he may actually take the place of a human child, and while I don't believe this is the case, we do exhibit some behavioral characteristics of young parents, which may lead one to believe otherwise. For example when birthdays, or christmas rolls around Henry always receives more toys than he can sink his sharp little k9s into, and when a new season comes he always gets a new outfit or costume, we find the most gross things to be adorable...thats right we get so excited when its time to go "potty"! He wakes us up in the middle of the night with loud whines to be taken out, and is the first to wake up in the morning, always sure to wake Jp and I with him so we can "play".  So why all this back ground, well one of the things I see so many young parents do to there children is what I call "loving torture". Ya know the kind of thing where you dress them in horrible cloths, or take pictures of them in the nude while in the bath, or make them perform something embarrassing on camera for your years of enjoyment, well that is our excuse! Please do not call the humane society we did this out of LOVE!
(I do not take an credit for this artwork, it was all Jp's idea and doing I just pointed the camera)

Monday, December 15, 2008

more for comments

help me get better

A few shots of meagn......I had some fun with photoshop the barn used to be red! I am such beginner so please forgive the color and such...please leave your feed back on my photos, its the only way i can get better.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hey! Its been a while!! Jp and I have had a great few weeks and i just have not made the time to update..so here you go!!

On November 17th Jp and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! It was really great we went to dinner and then straight to our soccer game; we even won!! Jp and I have been on a co-ed soccer team for about a year now and we have had a blast. Before this Jp had never played and now he is pro, its been really fun to have something we can do together. For our anniversary we bought a Cannon Rebel XSI digital camera, it amazing, but Jp and I still need some practice.

On November 9th, two days later Jp had his birthday...we again celebrated with dinner and a new movie! I got him two games (he loves games) picturika, and would you rather.

And of course Thanksgiving! It was really great! Both of our families went out of town so we made our own Turkey and just relaxed. We went on a really nice hike to horse tale falls and let Henry run his brain out!! I had a HUGE day at work on black Friday selling a little over 15K in beds. So we stayed really busy!

Oh and the best news....i have lost 20LBS Yea !!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks for your votes!

Hey everyone! As you can see, the bumble bee costume won our most recent poll with about 70% of the votes. Henry couldn't have been happier with your decision. Thank you to everyone that voted! Our next vote is who was a better banana, me or Becca........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which cosutme should we make the poor guy wear??

Well as many of you know Our Boxer Lab cross "Henry" is currently serving the purpose that a child might serve in a regular family; in fact just yesterday was his birthday. Two years old and a seven dollar white chocolate bone was his gift. ( I am just a little offended his birthday was not mentioned on the "October Birthdays" for the smith family blog...right next to Megans name) So of cousre we had to get him a Halloween coustume this year. We decided on a bumblebee while at Old Navy in Park City a few weeks ago but on one of our notorious trips to Target we ran into a cute little pig costume that I could not resist and the price was only $10. So we are faced with the question...which costume do we put him in? They are both inhumane and totally annoy him. In fact to get him to keep them on we have to hover treats right in front of his little snout! So which do you think is most adorable.... Please vote on our Poll and let us know what you think!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Becca's Wordiness

Life with Becca is a constant joy. Unfortunately, you guys don't get to see Becca everyday and hear what she has to say on a whole variety of topics. I really think I am going to start following her around with a notebook and just write down the funny things she says. Here is an example that happened recently.... Becca has an intense fear of moths. Every time she sees one she loses control and starts screaming. Well, we were talking about it one night at Holly and Rand's and Becca was explaining why moths are so scary. "It's the way they move. They fly around so wild and erotic!" Becca, now I have a fear of moths too, but only of the erotic ones.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I'm Scared to Death of Llamas

Heather, I just want you to know that our blog is not a radio show where you can call in and make requests for stories.......but since I think you're pretty great, and since you are open with your stories, I'm going to post my Llama story for you. Because of the following story, I have an intense fear of llamas now, and I just can't wait to get all the emails with llama pictures attached to them. . . . .

The story begins with 8th grade me getting off the bus to go to home after a long day of school. I climbed off the bus along with about 10 neighborhood kids to start the long (it took like 5 minutes, which is a really long time considering what's about to happen) walk uphill to my house. The neighbor that lived right next to the bus stop where we were all dropped off was a huge fan of animals. He had horses, dogs, cats, and just happened to keep a random llama in his front yard.

This is what you all picture llamas to look like isn't it?? Innocent, sweet, almost cuddly! It's a LIE!!! As soon as we were off the bus, this llama (who conveniently wasn't tied up, or fenced in) came wandering over to this new group of "friends" to say hello. I followed behind us for a little ways, just content to be doing something different with its day. One by one the other kids peeled off from the group to go home, until it was just me left and I still had a long way home.

I wondered to myself, "Why am I so lucky? This llama could have followed any other kid home, but he chose ME!" As I was wondering this thought, the llama became increasingly interested in my backpack, so walked a little faster until it could stick its face right in my back. I started to get a little nervous. I mean, there's a llama riding my tail, that's not something you really train for and know how to handle! As the llama would pick up pace, so would I, until I was in a full on run with this llama still chasing me. It was so close to me that it's feet kept jabbing me in my calves. Llama feet are incredibly painful to get jabbed with......

Anyways.... I kept running until I saw a car in the driveway of one of my neighbor's homes. I ran as fast as I could and hid behind it. I was crouched low so that the llama couldn't see me, but I could see him through the windows of the car; he was looking for me. After a minute, he put his head down below the windows of the car, and I took that as my chance to escape. I bolted from behind the car and made a last sprint for my house which was about 200 yards away. As I made it out of the driveway I was hiding in, I cast a glance over my shoulder to see if the llama had noticed my retreat. It had.

While I was looking, the llama picked its head up, saw that I was running, and came after me as fast as it could go. My heart was racing; not just because of the physical exertion, but also because I was scared to death. I managed to run through my front yard, into my house, and slam the door just in time to see the llama stop with its face an inch from the window I was watching out of.

I called the owner of the llama and informed him of the situation. He was upset! I'm pretty sure he thought it was my fault, and that I had somehow provoked the llama into chasing me home. Boy, if he only knew....... After that I called my friends and told them what had happened, and they decided that was not something the llama would get away with. Another story for another day.........

I was tagged.......

OK so heather tagged me here we go.
3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts, and 5 people to tag.

3 Joys
1. My husband, and dog but more my husband
2. Horses
3. All my brothers and Sisters....my Family

3 Fears
1. Big gross moths, thank goodness I have a moth catching dog!!!
2. not getting a paycheck
3. being a loud mouth...after all if you have read my blog you know not many secrets are kept!!

3 Current obsessions/ collections
1. Wells this one is no surprise i am clinically obsessed with horses
2. blog staling..i love to check them all out
3. I am currently collecting gift cards from work..thanks to Dan I am getting them faster than I can spend them, everything from gas cards to Target and Burger king!

3 Surprising Facts
1. humm this is a hard one...back to the big mouth, I share most of everything about myself...
2. I really like to watch little people big world
3. what kind of answer is that???sorry this one is to tough for me!

5 people to tag
Jessica Smith, Bekka Olds, Jamie Robertson, Janess(king), laurie Huish

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am not that bad!!!!

Just to clear the air.........................I just read JPs lates blog and want to clear my name. I some times make comments that sound very different than they are meant....contrary to the words below I did not think I was "all that" in highschool; c'mon I was state in debate and sr. class press; not the cheer captian(right Megan?) I was just amused at the comming together of two completley different people........(we went to the same high school) I was just making a point at how different people become after the highschool scene...as many of you know...JP is "all that" now??

So....It's funny that we got married....

It was Becca's birthday this week, so, in honor of her birth, we went out to dinner. Everything was going great! The food was delicious, the conversation was stimulating, and then she said it. We were laughing and joking about us and our life together, and Becca says "So, it's funny that we got married......" The key word to me was funny. Those of you that know me know that I have an uncanny ability to take offense to ANYTHING anyone says, but only when I feel like it. I can turn it on or off as I please. Like a faucet. An offense faucet. Anyways, I asked Becca if she would continue with that statement because I was eager to hear what was so funny! Becca continued, "Well, it's just funny because in High School you were this nerdy kid that hung out with nerds and dated the joke of the soccer team. I was voted senior class president and dated a popular football player. Don't you think it's funny?" .......................... Well, I actually did find the whole conversation really amusing because Becca meant it in a very innocent way. I just like to turn innocent things into not-so-innocent things. By the way, would a super nerd have hair like this?? (Actual photos of me from high school)?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Taylor with love form becca

This is for my little minnie me niece, she always wants me to put pictures of horses for her on this and I had to take some of this guy cuz I am selling him, so here you go little blondie horse lover Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Shoes, Like father Like son

I really don't have much to post, but figured I should at least stay updated. Things are starting to get a little more busy as we step into the school year. Jeff starts school next Wednesday and is so excited to do so. We did a little back to school shopping yesterday and I had a flash into the future of what it might be like to take kids school shopping. Jeff is a guy that really appreciates things and is not one to just throw something out if, in his opinion, it still works; for example...Jeff has these shoes we got him from American Eagle about two years ago, they are worn to death. He has giant holes on both shoes were his pinkie toes protrude!! He has insisted on keeping them because they "Breathe"....they better, there is a one inch hole in each of them. He loves these shoes so much that when I have approached the subject of buying new shoes his reply has been "I wear them, not you and if they work for me that is all that matters". I have Finally convinced him that it is time to get new shoes, so yesterday we went at it! We must have looked at 5 different shoe stores and fifty different pairs of shoes before we found the RIGHT ones. At one point he told me he would just like to start wearing his soccer cleats to school cuz they are cool and comfortable. I am so glad we found shoes so we don't have to resort to cleats. He promised that he will wear these and won't go back to the old ones, but for some security...I asked him to put the new ones on while we were in the car on our way home. As soon as they were off his feet they were out the window...good buy faithful, breathable shoes!!!!!!!!

And speaking about kids, I have decided that it is much more fun to have a blog if you have children, there are always great stories and fun pictures to go with, but at the moment the best i can do is a dog. Now it is not a rare occasion that I am teased about replacing the void for a child with our 70 pound Labrador boxer mix, so I have decided to take this opportunity to tell a funny story about him. Many of you may remember a certain man in my life who peed the bed not so long ago, if you need refreshing it was my last post, anyhow the dog has decided to follow his lead.

Jeff is usually the first out of bed in the morning. The dog will whine until he gets up and lets him out to do his potty work. Tuesday was not different. JP got out of bed as usual and took the dog out side; following that, a prompt nap on the futon with the dog. I woke up about an hour latter to join him in the family room to watch a little morning Olympics and of course the dog moved from the futon to the couch for a little one on one time. He fell asleep in a tiny ball just beside me. About 20 minuets latter he began to whimper and flutter his paws like he sometimes does in his sleep, but this time it woke him up. He looked strait at me for just a second and jumped off the couch and ran over to the futon. Well guess what he left behind.... a base ball sized pee spot. I guess he had a dream he was peeing, Jp said the same thing??? Good thing I can take the cushions out of the cover and wash them......I am worried, does this mean i am next??? This whole peeing while your asleep thing has been very humorous for me, but I am sure it would not carry the same enjoyment if it were I who peed bed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Husband PEED the Bed!!!

Its been a long awaited event!! Often Jeff and I have discussed the embarrassment of peeing the bed as an adult, he has never understood the concept being one who has amazing bladder control, in fact on more than one occasion he has taken a few punches at me due to my last "accident" when I was 20. well July 10th will go down in history!! It all started at about 3:00 am. I was awaken by my husband mumbling something, after which he quickly removed the covers jumped out of bed and ran from the room, he even had managed to swing the door hard enough that is banged in to our wall. Moments later he returned to the room.
"Becca......" he whispered, " Becca um I wet the bed"
my reply...Laughter!!!!
We then proceeded to turn on the light and check out the damage. I work for the amazing My Comfort and thus I have an amazing intelli-gel on latex mattress; so I have the worlds best mattress protector for moments like this. News flash, they aren't effective unless it is fitted in the right place....so the story goes that the edge of our wonderful comfy bed did get some Jeff pee on it.
I used a few disinfectant wipes to try and clean the mess and we started a huge load of laundry at 3:30 am. I was surprised being an experience adult peer that he dare to wash the sheets and his underwear all in the same load, if someone were to put the wash load in the dyer...they would know what happened and who did it!!
"Im not worried about someone finding out, its ok" he said not so convincingly!!!
Good thing Jp is a sport and knowing my family and I well... it wont be long before Holly or my Dad stat cracking jokes!!!
He said he was a little worried I might be mad, but I told him it was great practice for being a mother, and more that he had no more room to make jokes about me wetting the bed! Thank goodness we have intelli-gel on our futon mattress, otherwise we may have been in some trouble getting to sleep last night!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Becca's Rebel Yell

One of the beautiful things about getting to spend extended periods of time with Becca is that she has to be one of the most entertaining people on the planet.

We have had plans all summer long to go to the zoo. It had been a long time since either of us had been, and we figured that it would be a break from the regular date routine of going to Wingers and getting sticky finger salads.

Finally, our plans came to fruition and we set aside a day to go. We loaded up our essentials bag, which included cameras, water bottles, and watermelon bubblicious, and hit the road. Becca wasted no time in getting the bubble gum to her mouth, but by the time we reached the point of the mountain the gum had lost all flavor and Becca became disinterested in it.

What do you do with a big, pink wad of gum? Stick it under your seat? Give it to your husband? No, that's not Becca's style (although I wouldn't have been surprised to find it under the seat). She rolled down her window and casually tossed it outside, making sure to throw it hard enough that the 70 mph wind wouldn't blow it back and stick it on our expensive Chevy Malibu. Becca was successful in missing our car, but not the beautiful black Infiniti directly behind us! It stuck right inbetween the grill and right headlight; a beautiful pink hood ornament, custom chewed by my sweet wife.

This scared Becca. Having never been the type to get into unnecessary trouble, she panicked. "Jeff! My gum just stuck to the hood of the car behind us!.....NO DON'T LOOK!! What do we do? Stay in front of them, ok?"

Well, they must not have noticed that it stuck because they eventually passed us and didn't seem to notice the two of us nervously glancing out of the corners of our eyes at the new body work done on their car. I'm sure they were surprised when they got home! Just another one of the many reasons I love my wife more than anything in the world.

Monday, June 30, 2008

well I am feeling a little bit guilty this afternoon after making my rounds of all the blogs for family and friends!! I absolutely love catching up on everyone and I feel like I rarely do my part! So just to make myself feel a little bit better I am going to give a brief update of the last month.....
Jeff and I have started a vigorous training program.... the use of word "training" is actually multi purpose! Our dog as some may know is a little out of control, cute as can be, but very wild, we were told if we can give him 2 hours of aerobic activity each day he will be a new beast...so we have started hiking just about everyday and guess what; we are loosing weight and our dog obeys!! The hike is beautiful and we can go as far up as we want!! The mountains are right in our back yard and the scenery is amazing!!
I have been toying with the idea of buying a new horse...really new she is only three. She is an ArabianXSaddlebred cross and my hope is that I can train her and sell her for a huge profit, just like the house market; now is the time to buy a horse. My fear is that the economy wont pick in the next several years and then I am stuck with a horse I cant sell!!! She will make a great show horse this year and she is very kind!! I am not making any quick decisions, which by the way has given JP a lot of comfort!!
Jeff has been busy with work and golf. He just played in a tournament with my brother jeff the other day and the two of them took first place!! Currently jeffs biggest concern in life is how his crocks shrunk? He swears they fit one day and then got two sizes too small. To me the logical explanation is that he made a switch with someone else as he is not the only one who owns black crocks...but he is sure they have not left the house. That is a mystery we will continue to work on!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hiphip horray

here is just a blurg of our fun family trip to Hawaii!!!! I will get JP to write some fun cleaver blogs about the things we did!!!