Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Everyone should do their part (By Jeff)

I got out of class today and noticed I had a voicemail on my phone from my sweet wife. It said to call her back because she had "an exciting investment opportunity" for us to get into. When Becca says those words it makes my stomach hurt, because most likely she's going to say something like "I found this beautiful horse on KSL and a horse like this USUALLY costs like $15,000 but this one is only $7,000. You can't beat that deal, so what do you think?" Thankfully, there was no new horse in her sights (seeing as how we just got into a lease for one I think that's appropriate) but she was falling in love with a new saddle! I love my wife more than anything. One of my favorite quirks about her is the way she justifies spending money. With this particular saddle, her justification in wanting to buy it was that we would be getting that money from the 'Economic Stimulus' and it was very important for us to do our part in helping the economy by making purchases with that money. Well, I couln't argue with that could I? Not everyone is as lucky as me, I'm married to a girl that feels so much responsibilty towards the economy! So in between my fits of laughter I managed to say "Absolutely you should buy it!" To which Becca responded, "I'm so glad to hear you say that, because I already did!" ........... The joys of being married to a horse lover ............

Monday, April 14, 2008

good bye to a good friend

I just wanted to take a second and say good buy to one of the best friends I have ever known! Carissa Pearce , 22 years old passed away yesterday afternoon of complications due to her lugs and heart. I met Carissa in the 8th grade in a per touter class, and I have loved her ever since. Carissa was borne with Down Syndrome, but that didn't slow her down!! I have never met a person more loving, judgment free, sensitive, spiritual, positive, uplifting and kind in my life. She could remember any ones name even if she only met you once! She had amazing art abilities and she was the best word searcher in the west!!! She loved to read lord of the rings and loved to watch movies. She sang like an angle and when she led the music in sacrament meeting it was the most powerful experiences!! She could say hello and smile at anyone! She could ride horses and placed in the special Olympics this year for Bowling! She always had something nice to say! She had such a powerful testimony of prayer and our Father in Heaven, and was alway sure to share that at all time, all things and all places. She will be missed so much by everyone who knew her!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

life in the poor house is good!

Life is so fun!!! I always say that Jeff and I will never be really wealthy because were to busy spending what little money there is on our hobbies!!! Jeff just got a new set of dream golf clubs courtesy of my work.....My Comfort!! I earned a shopping spree for meeting a company goal!! the fantastic Mazuno MX90's have made his golfing game better than ever(hahaha)! I told him we would consider new clubs this season so to look into a set.......but only if the budget would permit. After he found the perfect pair I told him there would be no way possible to make it work; a few days latter I bought the clubs and surprised him at the local driving range. It was as cute as seeing a little girl get a pony for her birthday!!
And then there is me and my bad habit. I take riding lesson at coyote creek, an equestrian center in Saratoga springs. A few weeks ago I rode a horse I fell in love with, sooo I have started a lease on her! Her name is Fancy girl and she is a beautiful little gray Arab Quarterhorse cross!! I am looking forward to doing some jumping and showing on her this summer!
I keep justifying my spending habits by saying that 1.we will only live once 2.that once the kids start coming these things wont be an option and 3. that if we aren't getting into debt than it must be wise spending!!(it makes me feel better!) the moral of the story is that we may spend every penny but hey I think we are going to have a great summer!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

first time........

well my friend Jessica is going to have to take the credit on this one!! I love looking at everyones blogs and thought that having my own would be a great way to keep in touch with everyone. As some of you may know, on occasion I have a little extra time at work so i might add to this but for now I would just love to add the pages of all my friends and family!!