Monday, June 30, 2008

well I am feeling a little bit guilty this afternoon after making my rounds of all the blogs for family and friends!! I absolutely love catching up on everyone and I feel like I rarely do my part! So just to make myself feel a little bit better I am going to give a brief update of the last month.....
Jeff and I have started a vigorous training program.... the use of word "training" is actually multi purpose! Our dog as some may know is a little out of control, cute as can be, but very wild, we were told if we can give him 2 hours of aerobic activity each day he will be a new we have started hiking just about everyday and guess what; we are loosing weight and our dog obeys!! The hike is beautiful and we can go as far up as we want!! The mountains are right in our back yard and the scenery is amazing!!
I have been toying with the idea of buying a new horse...really new she is only three. She is an ArabianXSaddlebred cross and my hope is that I can train her and sell her for a huge profit, just like the house market; now is the time to buy a horse. My fear is that the economy wont pick in the next several years and then I am stuck with a horse I cant sell!!! She will make a great show horse this year and she is very kind!! I am not making any quick decisions, which by the way has given JP a lot of comfort!!
Jeff has been busy with work and golf. He just played in a tournament with my brother jeff the other day and the two of them took first place!! Currently jeffs biggest concern in life is how his crocks shrunk? He swears they fit one day and then got two sizes too small. To me the logical explanation is that he made a switch with someone else as he is not the only one who owns black crocks...but he is sure they have not left the house. That is a mystery we will continue to work on!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hiphip horray

here is just a blurg of our fun family trip to Hawaii!!!! I will get JP to write some fun cleaver blogs about the things we did!!!