Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Taylor with love form becca

This is for my little minnie me niece, she always wants me to put pictures of horses for her on this and I had to take some of this guy cuz I am selling him, so here you go little blondie horse lover Taylor!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Shoes, Like father Like son

I really don't have much to post, but figured I should at least stay updated. Things are starting to get a little more busy as we step into the school year. Jeff starts school next Wednesday and is so excited to do so. We did a little back to school shopping yesterday and I had a flash into the future of what it might be like to take kids school shopping. Jeff is a guy that really appreciates things and is not one to just throw something out if, in his opinion, it still works; for example...Jeff has these shoes we got him from American Eagle about two years ago, they are worn to death. He has giant holes on both shoes were his pinkie toes protrude!! He has insisted on keeping them because they "Breathe"....they better, there is a one inch hole in each of them. He loves these shoes so much that when I have approached the subject of buying new shoes his reply has been "I wear them, not you and if they work for me that is all that matters". I have Finally convinced him that it is time to get new shoes, so yesterday we went at it! We must have looked at 5 different shoe stores and fifty different pairs of shoes before we found the RIGHT ones. At one point he told me he would just like to start wearing his soccer cleats to school cuz they are cool and comfortable. I am so glad we found shoes so we don't have to resort to cleats. He promised that he will wear these and won't go back to the old ones, but for some security...I asked him to put the new ones on while we were in the car on our way home. As soon as they were off his feet they were out the window...good buy faithful, breathable shoes!!!!!!!!

And speaking about kids, I have decided that it is much more fun to have a blog if you have children, there are always great stories and fun pictures to go with, but at the moment the best i can do is a dog. Now it is not a rare occasion that I am teased about replacing the void for a child with our 70 pound Labrador boxer mix, so I have decided to take this opportunity to tell a funny story about him. Many of you may remember a certain man in my life who peed the bed not so long ago, if you need refreshing it was my last post, anyhow the dog has decided to follow his lead.

Jeff is usually the first out of bed in the morning. The dog will whine until he gets up and lets him out to do his potty work. Tuesday was not different. JP got out of bed as usual and took the dog out side; following that, a prompt nap on the futon with the dog. I woke up about an hour latter to join him in the family room to watch a little morning Olympics and of course the dog moved from the futon to the couch for a little one on one time. He fell asleep in a tiny ball just beside me. About 20 minuets latter he began to whimper and flutter his paws like he sometimes does in his sleep, but this time it woke him up. He looked strait at me for just a second and jumped off the couch and ran over to the futon. Well guess what he left behind.... a base ball sized pee spot. I guess he had a dream he was peeing, Jp said the same thing??? Good thing I can take the cushions out of the cover and wash them......I am worried, does this mean i am next??? This whole peeing while your asleep thing has been very humorous for me, but I am sure it would not carry the same enjoyment if it were I who peed bed.