Tuesday, December 30, 2008


 Being a young married couple leaves Jp and I with some interesting situations, and occasionally boredom.  As many of you know we are child-less, except for our dog Henry. Just that statement alone may give you some insight as to what I have to say here.  Our good dog Henry.  I have many family members concerned that he may actually take the place of a human child, and while I don't believe this is the case, we do exhibit some behavioral characteristics of young parents, which may lead one to believe otherwise. For example when birthdays, or christmas rolls around Henry always receives more toys than he can sink his sharp little k9s into, and when a new season comes he always gets a new outfit or costume, we find the most gross things to be adorable...thats right we get so excited when its time to go "potty"! He wakes us up in the middle of the night with loud whines to be taken out, and is the first to wake up in the morning, always sure to wake Jp and I with him so we can "play".  So why all this back ground, well one of the things I see so many young parents do to there children is what I call "loving torture". Ya know the kind of thing where you dress them in horrible cloths, or take pictures of them in the nude while in the bath, or make them perform something embarrassing on camera for your years of enjoyment, well that is our excuse! Please do not call the humane society we did this out of LOVE!
(I do not take an credit for this artwork, it was all Jp's idea and doing I just pointed the camera)

Monday, December 15, 2008

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A few shots of meagn......I had some fun with photoshop the barn used to be red! I am such beginner so please forgive the color and such...please leave your feed back on my photos, its the only way i can get better.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hey! Its been a while!! Jp and I have had a great few weeks and i just have not made the time to update..so here you go!!

On November 17th Jp and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! It was really great we went to dinner and then straight to our soccer game; we even won!! Jp and I have been on a co-ed soccer team for about a year now and we have had a blast. Before this Jp had never played and now he is pro, its been really fun to have something we can do together. For our anniversary we bought a Cannon Rebel XSI digital camera, it amazing, but Jp and I still need some practice.

On November 9th, two days later Jp had his birthday...we again celebrated with dinner and a new movie! I got him two games (he loves games) picturika, and would you rather.

And of course Thanksgiving! It was really great! Both of our families went out of town so we made our own Turkey and just relaxed. We went on a really nice hike to horse tale falls and let Henry run his brain out!! I had a HUGE day at work on black Friday selling a little over 15K in beds. So we stayed really busy!

Oh and the best news....i have lost 20LBS Yea !!!