Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Husband PEED the Bed!!!

Its been a long awaited event!! Often Jeff and I have discussed the embarrassment of peeing the bed as an adult, he has never understood the concept being one who has amazing bladder control, in fact on more than one occasion he has taken a few punches at me due to my last "accident" when I was 20. well July 10th will go down in history!! It all started at about 3:00 am. I was awaken by my husband mumbling something, after which he quickly removed the covers jumped out of bed and ran from the room, he even had managed to swing the door hard enough that is banged in to our wall. Moments later he returned to the room.
"Becca......" he whispered, " Becca um I wet the bed"
my reply...Laughter!!!!
We then proceeded to turn on the light and check out the damage. I work for the amazing My Comfort and thus I have an amazing intelli-gel on latex mattress; so I have the worlds best mattress protector for moments like this. News flash, they aren't effective unless it is fitted in the right the story goes that the edge of our wonderful comfy bed did get some Jeff pee on it.
I used a few disinfectant wipes to try and clean the mess and we started a huge load of laundry at 3:30 am. I was surprised being an experience adult peer that he dare to wash the sheets and his underwear all in the same load, if someone were to put the wash load in the dyer...they would know what happened and who did it!!
"Im not worried about someone finding out, its ok" he said not so convincingly!!!
Good thing Jp is a sport and knowing my family and I well... it wont be long before Holly or my Dad stat cracking jokes!!!
He said he was a little worried I might be mad, but I told him it was great practice for being a mother, and more that he had no more room to make jokes about me wetting the bed! Thank goodness we have intelli-gel on our futon mattress, otherwise we may have been in some trouble getting to sleep last night!!


Annette said...

Oh my goodness! David and I miss you guys! You are hilarious! hahaha. What perfect timing to find your blog :D

kris said...

That is so funny Becca!!! I would have been mortified!! But as an adult I have to say that I have had accidents, just not in bed!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Ainsley Anderson said...

is this for real? haha. becca you are too funny. thanks for sharing- made my day.

smithhea said...

Okay...I have been meaning to comment forever!!! You guys are soooo funny!!!!

First-JP I am so happy that you have now joined Rand and Becca in the adult bed wetting club (sorry Rand). I am also happy you taught JP the whole "don't wash your underware with your sheets" rule...he wouldn't want anyone to find out about his little problem:).

Second-to the whole weight watchers thing...Who are we kidding, Megan is going to kick out behinds. I will race you for second??? And for the reward I would much rather play for 8 hours of slave labor. We already have a shuffle and I am not too fond of it!

Love you and miss you both!!

David and Jaime said...

Wow Becca that is so funny! It's funny becuse we have had a few bed weting stories when we worked at MyComfort together trying to sell those mattress protectors. You can now tell customers how important to have the protector centerd on the mattress and then tell your story. If that won't brake the ice I don't know what would!

Megan said...

That's probably the funnest thing I have heard all week! Anyways, How are you guys doing?? I hope you are doing good!