Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Dreams

As many of you know I LOVE my mattress, and  that is something that not many people can say!  Before we got our amazing Intelligel sleep system Jp was up and down in the night, he would take hours to fall asleep and was never able to sleep in; ever since we got our bed, we both sleep better than ever. We sleep so good that some funny things happen to us in our DEEP sleep. You all may recall the story of JPs "adult bed wetting" (it was one of our first post, its hilarious and if you haven't read it you should take a second, it worth it!). Anyway recently Jp had an amazing dream and it would not be right if I did not share! Let me start this way......
"My fanz all buy my rhyms at a p
ound for a penny
Thats how I get my dimes cuz my boss wont give me any"
Yes you have just read the words to Jps first rap!! Please no plagiarism, ha ha ha. Crazy, he woke up the other morning saying he had had this really vivid dream about becoming a rap star, and the rap that took him to the top was that one right there!! It is so fun to hear him "rap" the words cuz he does it in rhythm jus
t like in his dream. Anyway I hope his dream i
s not one of those dreams that shows his true desire as to what he really wants to become, can you imagine me hanging out with my rap star husband while he
 bears his testimony to Dr. Dre?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Word Concerning Truth.

I am not one to usually write anything with real passion or meaning on my bog, one reason is due to my fourth grade level spelling and writing style (fourth grade may be generous!) but also perhaps that I fell that through writhing I can not properly convey how I truly feel. I am a very verbal person and would prefer to express myself that way, however, I am going to do something very outside of my box in expressing some serious feelings here in written word. Today as I wondered around on facebook, as I usually do on slow days at work I came across an article written by a past class mate from high-school. This individual has always amazed me by her intelligence and ability to express herself, so when I came across her "well" written and very opinionated article I was not surprised. As I began to read what she had to say concerning sacred ceremonies being aired on HBO, and gay marriage, and the LDS faith, I began to think of the blessing I have to "just believe". She explained why she no longer believed in the church of Jesus Christ of later day Saints. She presented links to "Proof" that the church is incorrect, information that joseph smith was a farce and that logically you can not believe in the church based on inconsistency from the Book for Mormon to the Bible. My reaction to this is that I dont need proof! faith is believing without seeing, I have felt the blessing of the gospel in my life and no book or video can convince me otherwise! I can not help but think of the dis-service  one can bring upon them selfs by only allowing yourself to only think logically. Spiritual things do not always make sense. Many times when I am prompted for one reason or another it is not my logic that urges me to do, but my faith because many time there seems to be no rhyme or reason. As it  happens that often I do not see a logical reason for those promoting until a  later time. I dont voice my political opinions the way I once did and I am not as involved as maybe I should be, but  I am  seeing  how cunning satin is in politics and how important it is as a latter-day Saint to defend truth. He has taken issues private and sacred and made them political, he has taken those who can do wonderful things in the church and given them reason to use there talent  to argue agents faith topics. I am so sad to see wonderful people loose that amazing light that is a gift from our father in heaven! He loves us and wants us to be happy in this life, he wants us to be fulfilled and happy, to achieve our goals and dreams, and by those same tokens satin sees our weakens and works us to the bone. I am grateful for fellings (holy ghost), and faith, because I do not understand many things, I cannot  hold great doctrinal debate on truth, but I can bear testimony that Christ lived and died for us so that we can have the gift of eternal life, repentance, and Godly royalty. I know that if I use the atonement that has been provided us, that I can have the blessing of eternal life to become like god. I know that there is always forgiveness and if we just approach him in godly sorrow he will help us to be clan.  I know that if questions arise he will listen through prayer; and I know that if we will listen not with our ears but with our hearts we will know the truth.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snap Happy!

 Jeff and I went to California for a week for a family Vacation and had a great time....after Disneyland we hit the Zoo and Seaworld and as you can see I had a ball!!! JP even got in the picture taken mood and took some really nice here you go!!!

Jp did this one of the flowers....I love this one!!

He also did the dolphin shot...they were so hard to get good pictures of, but Jp did such a good job!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Amazing Family!!!

Last week Emily let me use her kids for some practice....the only problem was that they were so easy to photograph!!!!

I have not done any post processing but they turned out well even with out!!