Monday, May 25, 2009

WARNING not real interesting!!!

WARNING this is not really an interesting post, mostly horse stuff but what the heck!

Its been a while since I have blogged anything, we don't have to much going on. JP just started his first block of the summer semester so thats really great! I can finally see the end nearing with school, he will be finished next winter, I can not wait! 
Anyway, Jp hit his first hole in one on Friday and I guess for golfers thats a BIG deal...Way to go JP!t. It was on a par three and he gives all the credit to his new highbred club. I had a horse show on Friday and took first place in four of my classes and second in another. I was riding a horse I have never jumped before and Ill tell you what, I found my new hunter!!   Its been a fun few weeks! I have had her in training ever since and she is really shaping up nicely I have her going to feet!!
In other news, I was given a baby horse...a yearling filly from a good friend. I havent named her yet, heck I dont know if I am even going to keep her. She is a wild little thing and its taken me about to weeks just to get to the point that I can touch her, but she is coming along and that is very promising. I also went out on limb and SHAVED shooting stars into my lesson horse Cheyenne. Being as it is that a bunch of little girls ride her I think it will be a hit!!
Last but not least our beautiful little megan graduated form high school and is on her way to the big BYUI in a few months. We are so proud of her, she really is an amazing young woman!!
i wont leave you with any earth shattering photography just a few snap shots of well...horses (except the one of megan of corse!!!)

If you look close you can see her shooting star on her rump.....
My baby is the one on the right! Register quarter horse with great breeding!Nothing amazing except that she had never seen a jump before this day!! She did well and now that I have been schooling her over fences she is doing very well. We have another show on Friday and I can wait!!!