Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which cosutme should we make the poor guy wear??

Well as many of you know Our Boxer Lab cross "Henry" is currently serving the purpose that a child might serve in a regular family; in fact just yesterday was his birthday. Two years old and a seven dollar white chocolate bone was his gift. ( I am just a little offended his birthday was not mentioned on the "October Birthdays" for the smith family blog...right next to Megans name) So of cousre we had to get him a Halloween coustume this year. We decided on a bumblebee while at Old Navy in Park City a few weeks ago but on one of our notorious trips to Target we ran into a cute little pig costume that I could not resist and the price was only $10. So we are faced with the question...which costume do we put him in? They are both inhumane and totally annoy him. In fact to get him to keep them on we have to hover treats right in front of his little snout! So which do you think is most adorable.... Please vote on our Poll and let us know what you think!!!