Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Husband PEED the Bed!!!

Its been a long awaited event!! Often Jeff and I have discussed the embarrassment of peeing the bed as an adult, he has never understood the concept being one who has amazing bladder control, in fact on more than one occasion he has taken a few punches at me due to my last "accident" when I was 20. well July 10th will go down in history!! It all started at about 3:00 am. I was awaken by my husband mumbling something, after which he quickly removed the covers jumped out of bed and ran from the room, he even had managed to swing the door hard enough that is banged in to our wall. Moments later he returned to the room.
"Becca......" he whispered, " Becca um I wet the bed"
my reply...Laughter!!!!
We then proceeded to turn on the light and check out the damage. I work for the amazing My Comfort and thus I have an amazing intelli-gel on latex mattress; so I have the worlds best mattress protector for moments like this. News flash, they aren't effective unless it is fitted in the right the story goes that the edge of our wonderful comfy bed did get some Jeff pee on it.
I used a few disinfectant wipes to try and clean the mess and we started a huge load of laundry at 3:30 am. I was surprised being an experience adult peer that he dare to wash the sheets and his underwear all in the same load, if someone were to put the wash load in the dyer...they would know what happened and who did it!!
"Im not worried about someone finding out, its ok" he said not so convincingly!!!
Good thing Jp is a sport and knowing my family and I well... it wont be long before Holly or my Dad stat cracking jokes!!!
He said he was a little worried I might be mad, but I told him it was great practice for being a mother, and more that he had no more room to make jokes about me wetting the bed! Thank goodness we have intelli-gel on our futon mattress, otherwise we may have been in some trouble getting to sleep last night!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Becca's Rebel Yell

One of the beautiful things about getting to spend extended periods of time with Becca is that she has to be one of the most entertaining people on the planet.

We have had plans all summer long to go to the zoo. It had been a long time since either of us had been, and we figured that it would be a break from the regular date routine of going to Wingers and getting sticky finger salads.

Finally, our plans came to fruition and we set aside a day to go. We loaded up our essentials bag, which included cameras, water bottles, and watermelon bubblicious, and hit the road. Becca wasted no time in getting the bubble gum to her mouth, but by the time we reached the point of the mountain the gum had lost all flavor and Becca became disinterested in it.

What do you do with a big, pink wad of gum? Stick it under your seat? Give it to your husband? No, that's not Becca's style (although I wouldn't have been surprised to find it under the seat). She rolled down her window and casually tossed it outside, making sure to throw it hard enough that the 70 mph wind wouldn't blow it back and stick it on our expensive Chevy Malibu. Becca was successful in missing our car, but not the beautiful black Infiniti directly behind us! It stuck right inbetween the grill and right headlight; a beautiful pink hood ornament, custom chewed by my sweet wife.

This scared Becca. Having never been the type to get into unnecessary trouble, she panicked. "Jeff! My gum just stuck to the hood of the car behind us!.....NO DON'T LOOK!! What do we do? Stay in front of them, ok?"

Well, they must not have noticed that it stuck because they eventually passed us and didn't seem to notice the two of us nervously glancing out of the corners of our eyes at the new body work done on their car. I'm sure they were surprised when they got home! Just another one of the many reasons I love my wife more than anything in the world.